Restore Lost Fullness in Your Cheeks and Look Years Younger

Plumping your cheeks works wonders for regaining youthful proportions.

As you get older, your skin thins and becomes lax. Simultaneously, you lose the superficial layer of fat that lies beneath your skin in youth. The result is sunken cheeks that make you look gaunt and hollow – accelerating the signs of aging.

At The Effect Lifestyle Practice, we offer dermal fillers to restore volume so you get the plumpness and definition in your cheeks that you had in your youth.

While Botox® does help soften wrinkles, dermal fillers give you volume and hydration. Treatment with fillers completes your face so you refreshed and youthful.

Effects of aging on your cheeks

Wrinkling is usually the first skin concern that comes with aging. Your cheeks form fine wrinkles due to sun damage, smoking, and environmental factors. When you lose volume in your cheeks, these wrinkles are even more accentuated.

In younger people, the cheeks usually represent the widest part of the face, but this changes as you age. Your cheeks deflate and skin sags toward the jawline. Your jaw actually becomes widest as you form jowls.

Why the cheeks lose volume

As you get older, your skeletal structure diminishes. Your cheekbones shrink slightly and become less prominent. The superficial fat layer under your skin thins, and it sags in response to years of exposure to gravity. The fat can clump and sink downward, so instead of your cheeks looking round, they appear gaunt.

You also stop producing plentiful amounts of youth-enhancing compounds, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. These substances give your skin heft and firmness.

These changes, combined with the loss of fat under the skin, accentuates aging.

The effects of dermal fillers

Dermal fillers replace plumpness in your cheeks so you recreate the proportions of youth. The injections prompt your tissue to start producing more collagen. Many dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid to replace levels lost in your older years. These plumping compounds help your lines and wrinkles fill in, too. This gives you an overall more youthful look.

Your treatment with dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are applied in an in-office procedure. Your skin is cleansed and the areas to be treated with injections are marked. The entire appointment takes just a few minutes and is relatively pain-free, especially since many dermal fillers contain lidocaine, a numbing medication.

You can go right back to all your daily activities after a dermal filler appointment without having to schedule any downtime.

Results are immediate

You’ll notice the results of your dermal filler, cheek-plumping treatments right away. The effects soften over the course of a few weeks. Dermal filler results last six months or longer, depending on the formula used and the way your body reacts to the injections. We can put you on a regular treatment plan, too, so you can maintain your results for the long term with repeat injections.

Are you showing the signs of aging in your cheeks? If you’re ready to restore fullness and bring back your youth, call our office in Jacksonville, Florida, or schedule an appointment online

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